How to add Minipen Beads

Open the Bead by removing the Screw with a T8 Bit

Apply the paracord to the place you want the Bead to be and put both endings through the Bead ( melt a pointed end that helps to get them through )

Then melt small bubbles at both Paracord ends and let them cool down

Gently pull them to the Bead and make shure both bubbles are next to each other

Now pull them into the Bead and make sure theyre still next to each other. They will lock the paracord well into place. Check it by by pulling a few times.

Now add the screw and gently turn it with the T8 Bit. If the bubbles are in the right size you will feel a little presure while the last few turns.

If you need to much force the bubbles are to big or not next to each other...remove them and try it again. DOUNT use to much force or you will ruin the Torx especially in Brass or Copper.

The Bead is well mounted if theres no more gap between Screw and Bead