Finish and Material Info

Top to buttom: Ash Sanded, Ash and Ash Stonewashed

Ash and Ash Stonewash Finish

Ash Finish is a surface patina treatment with a grey color

Please note: Color can be grey with a brownish touch, its durable but will get scratches over time.

Ash Sanded Finish

Ash Finish with sanded high spots in Titanium color

Brass and Copper

Brass and Copper will get a Patina after time and will change color to brown-black

This can happen very quick by some skin types.

Old Finish is a surface treatment that speeds up the patina progress and can change the color again after time.

Special Clips

Skulls and Shields in Sterlingsilver,Brass and Copper will get the same Patina


Threads can get loose after time, especially the Extender and Top Screw because of side forces from the Clip

Please check them from time to time or glue them if you dount want to change parts (of course do not glue the Tip)