Desired piece is sold out, will you make another batch in the future?

Great Prototype, will you make a series of it?

Can I reserve one?

For me its always difficult to see how many people are interested in a new production and what materials are desired.

Thats why I added this Wishlist

How does it work?

Wishlist reserving is a free service

Add the desired piece into the wishlist section of your cart

proceed to checkout

add your adress and email

finish the order by using invoice payment ( no worries you dont have to pay yet)

I will add you to the list and if there are enough people interested I will launch another batch or the new project

You will be contacted when its finished and is ready for sale

When do I have to pay?

There are 2 possible ways. It depends on the project: is it a second batch or a brand new project

Second batch:

I will contact you via email and send the invoice when its ready for sale but of course you still have the chance to cancel at this point

Series of a new project:

You will get a password via Email that allowes wishlist reservers to order before other customers can

(Mainreason why you have to order twice here is because there can always be changes in finish, size, price etc.)

Whats the customers advance?

You will be contacted as soon as the new batch or project is ready for sale

You dont have to worry to miss it

Its garanteed that you will get the desired material you placed in the wishlist order

The wishlist reserving is a free service

You can cancel at any time


Please contact me via Email: