Spin Tops / Kreisel

Small Top CNC

Size: D 16 mm height 21 mm

Available Materials:

Titanium Stem

Stainless Steel, Copper or Brass Body

Ceramic Ball

39,00 €

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Wobble Tops

A CNC production that failed because the Tops are wobbeling.

One reason is the construction itself and the other is an unexacty production.


I sell them at a good pricing because theyre decorative.


Spintime about 7min.


Materials: Titanium, Copper and SS with ceramic ball


Dia: 35 mm H: 29 mm



SS,Cu and Ti : 50,5g

Cu,Ti and Ti : 34g

SS, Ti and Ti : 32,5g


Spin them and watch them dancing ;)

Numbers are in the pictures below

Wobble Tops

They wobble, but theyre decorative ;)

I sell them with a high discount.

60,00 €

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